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Conditions of Sale

Our terms and conditions disclose the basis on which Workforce Guardian Pty Ltd ("WG") provides its online products and services to you. You must read these terms and conditions before using the online products and services. By clicking the Agreement checkbox you accept and are bound by these terms and conditions.

All services are limited to Reasonable Usage. To ensure fair access and availability to all subscribers and prevent any misuse or abuse deemed unreasonable or excessive by Workforce Guardian.

Workforce Guardian terms and conditions are referenced throughout our sales process and on our login screen, every time you access your Workforce Guardian service, to ensure they are clear and fully-transparent. You can view a summary of where they are referenced here: www.workforceguardian.com.au/agreement-to-terms-and-conditions

This page is always public. To return to this page at any time please visit our website (www.workforceguardian.com.au). The Terms and Conditions page is located under 'About' in the main menu. Or you can visit the page directly at: www.workforceguardian.com.au/terms

We recommend that you print a copy of the Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase for your own records.

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