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Workforce Guardian delivers best of breed cloud HR solutions for Australian employers. Partnering with leading Australian technology providers to deliver essential HR tools and resources at a fraction of the cost of developing and keeping everything compliant and up to date yourself.

   Telstra Cloud Partner       Netsuite       Elcom Enterprise Content Management System   


Workforce Guardian support the latest version of trusted browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Your browser is one of the most important programs on your computer. As it allows you to correctly view online content such as Workforce Guardian.

To ensure you enjoy an excellent user experience when accessing your subscription, it's critical you only access Workforce Guardian from one of these supported browsers.

Google Chrome      Mozilla Firefox      Safari

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Workforce Guardian is hosted in one of Australia's most secure data centres. This purpose-built data centre provides an ultra-high security environment. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it has the highest levels of redundancy in the Asia Pacific region, with automatic fail-over capability and dual-homed, tri-piped geographically dispersed redundant internet connections. This means our service is always available. In fact our hosting provider guarantees "99.9% uptime".


Access to Workforce Guardian is protected by a 256-bit encrypted secure connection using an SSL Certificate to ensure an ultra-high security environment. Even with a brute-force attack, cracking a 256-bit encryption is computationally unfeasible. 2048-bit CSR encryption also strengthens security by increasing the complexity of the encryption key used. The SSL Certificate Warranty Program provided by our SSL Certificate provider includes over $1 million of financial protection for our subscribers if they were to suffer financial loss as a direct result of relying on a certificate that was issued through our provider's negligence. DNSSEC safeguards our DNS, keeping our websites secure and our subscriber's data safe. The SSL installation tool verifies that the SSL certificate has been installed correctly and a Malware Scanner monitors our site to ensure that all links on our platform are secure.

256 bit SSL Encryption


Workforce Guardian take your privacy very seriously. Even our administrators do not have access to data in your account unless you (or your authorised representatives) authorise permission. All user activity is logged to enable verification and regular audits are performed to monitor security. Avnet Technology Solutions also ensures that all staff with access to servers and the Data Centre are screened prior to employment and subject to ASIO/Police clearance. Security audits are conducted internally every Q1 and Q3 by Avnet Technology Solutions - the world's leading global IT solutions distributor. Security audits  are conducted externally every Q2 and Q4 by BSI - our ISO27001 auditors.


Workforce Guardian's cloud HR hosting environment has been audited and certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2005  > Read more

ISO 27001 Certified


Workforce Guardian has $10,000,000 Public & Products Liability Insurance issued by DUAL Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of Lloyd's of London > Read more


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