Founded in 2006, Workforce Guardian is Australia's leading HR and employment relations service for employers.

Trusted by thousands of users and over 300 partners, we specialise in providing affordable and easy to use HR solutions to help businesses achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australian employment laws such as the Fair Work Act.

Our products and services include:

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Our People

Workforce Guardian employ a friendly team of qualified professionals which includes highly skilled Australian HR and employment law experts, and customer care specialists.

Importantly, Workforce Guardian is not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. Workforce Guardian's advisors are experienced and qualified HR and employment relations professionals. We speak in plain-English and provide subscribers with practical advice and support.

Our Success Stories

Read about about customers who have benefited from Workforce Guardian.

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Our Insurance

Workforce Guardian has high levels of insurance cover and in over 10 years of operations we have never had a claim.

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Our Technology

Workforce Guardian delivers best of breed HR technology.

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Our Content

All content in Workforce Guardian has been verified by Australian HR and employment law experts.

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Our Terms and Conditions

Workforce Guardian's terms and conditions disclose the basis on which Workforce Guardian Pty Ltd ("WG") provides its online products and services to customers.

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Our Privacy Policy

Workforce Guardian is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

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Our Legal Notice & Disclaimer

Important legal information about copyright, trade marks and legal advice.

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Which HR Solution is best for you?

Which HR Solution is best for you?

About Workforce Guardian

Who is Workforce Guardian and how do we help employers manage HR and compliance?

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