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Workforce Guardian helps you manage people and compliance with confidence.

Since 2006, we've helped over 10,000 business owners and managers and we've never lost a claim!

HR Software

Workforce Guardian provide affordable and easy-to-use, people management software.

For business owners and managers, it helps you hire, pay, manage and exit workers confidently and in full-compliance with Australian employment laws. It also helps you manage performance to achieve everyone's full potential.

For HR managers and payroll professionals, it helps you pay workers correctly and reduce HR administration and paperwork.

For accountants and bookkeepers, it helps you support clients with compliant HR tools and expert employment law advice.

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HR Advice / Employment Law Advice

Workforce Guardian provide affordable HR and employment law advice to help business owners and managers hire, pay, manage and exit workers lawfully. Depending on your level of subscription, you can get written/verbal answers to important HR questions.

Subscribers also receive a monthly newsletter with updates about important changes to Australian employment laws.

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Our People

Our friendly team includes highly-skilled and qualified HR and employment law experts. As well as other experts in areas such as customer care.

Importantly, Workforce Guardian is not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. Our advisors are experienced and qualified HR and employment law professionals. We speak in plain-English and provide subscribers with practical advice and support.

Our People

Our Success

Founded in 2006, Workforce Guardian has helped thousands of Australian business owners and managers. We also help  over 300 partners including bookkeepers, accountants, industry associations and franchise groups.

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Our Insurance

Workforce Guardian has high levels of insurance cover and in over 13 years of operation we have never had an insurance claim or infringement.

Our Insurance

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Which HR Solution is best for you?

Which HR Solution is best for you?

About Workforce Guardian

Who is Workforce Guardian and how do we help employers manage HR and compliance?

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