2015 Workforce Guardian Value Report

The 2015 Workforce Guardian Subscription Value Report was published on 27 January 2016 and confirms the vast majority of Workforce Guardian customers are obtaining incredible value from their subscription.

This is the first report compiled since our major upgrade, allowing us to predict value more accurately than ever before. Built into every subscription is a unique "Value Tracker", providing subscribers with a real-time summary of the value of services being obtained via their use of the Workforce Guardian system.

All subscribers can view their own unique value report by logging into the Workforce Guardian system and clicking on 'View all Activity' in the Activity Log on the dashboard >  more

Charts: 2015 Workforce Guardian Subscription Value Report

Workforce Guardian HR Essential Value Report Chart

HR Essential Subscription Value Report

Workforce Guardian HR Professional Value Report Chart

HR Professional Subscription Value Report

Workforce Guardian HR Advice Online Value Report Chart

HR Advice Online Subscription Value Report

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