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There's nothing like Workforce Guardian. It's a complete employment relations compliance system in the cloud.

Executive Director, Telstra Business

Launched in April 2009, Telstra T-Suite delivers a range of affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform helps businesses move their infrastructure towards cloud computing to help them more efficiently manage their business operations.

With the T-Suite service, software applications are automatically updated at the network level. So every time businesses access the software, they can be sure they'll always have the latest features available. No need for software upgrades - ever.

Cost effective answer

When considering a number of local and multinational software developers to partner with for the launch the service, Telstra Business, Executive Director, Brian Harcourt selected a total of nine online applications including Microsoft's Exchange Mail and Sharepoint programs, security products, and online storage. Australia's own Workforce Guardian completed T-Suite range at launch.

"We had to have employment relations compliance on our platform. The Fair Work Act, its Modern Awards and National Employment Standards are confusing for any business. Without the benefit of dedicated HR resources and with most small businesses being very hands-on - this is a hugely daunting area without specialised knowledge. And penalties for non-compliance can be devastating for any business."

Peace of mind

"We evaluated a number of different offerings in the Australian market and found there was simply nothing like Workforce Guardian. It's true employment relations compliance in the cloud. With Workforce Guardian SMEs can have up-to-date, Fair Work Act compliant employment contracts, HR policies and procedures. It's a no fuss way to tackle ER issues in their business.

"As one of our local developers, we're proud to have Workforce Guardian as our partner. All our partners on T-Suite help businesses overcome the need for big software investments and fund upfront licensing fees - yet still have all the latest applications at their fingertips. The move to the cloud services has the potential to give small and medium sized business real competitive edge."

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