Name of Company: Smithink 2020
Location: Australia
Industry: Professional Services


Smithink 2020 was first formed in September 2011 by merging the consulting company and business coaching company FMRC Smithink with the member- based business advisory body 2020 Asia Pacific.

Collectively the partners hold over 40 years' experience in accounting, taxation, practice development, and now assist accounting firms by facilitating strategic planning retreats; performing reviews of firm management, processes and technologies; coaching and mentoring; assessing partner performance and designing profit sharing schemes; acting as external chairman and/or strategic advisors to firms and conducting seminars and workshops for clients.

Being involved in the review of processes for multiple firms, the partners at Smithink 2020 know how important it is to have access to sound ER and HR advice, which is why they have partnered with Workforce Guardian.


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