Shirley Farrell - HR Management Services




Name of Company: Shirley Farrell - HR Management Services
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Industry: HR Management Services



HR Management Services was established in 2008 to service the growing demand for outsourced, professional advice in managing people issues. This followed a successful business in corporate Human Resource Management within the retail and hospitality sectors and the establishment of a comprehensive outsourced HR Consulting service for an established Executive Recruitment Consultancy and Boutique Professional Services business.

HR Management Services partners with small, medium and growing businesses to create workplaces where employees are respected and valued for the contribution they make.  

"Fundamental to establishing an employee relationship is to make sure that conditions of employment are established and meet the requirements of Australian laws.  We support Workforce Guardian because it does all that at a price that is very affordable to businesses of all sizes." - Shirley Farrell

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