Name of Company: Phillipsons
Location: Sale, Victoria
Industry: Accounting and Financial Planning


The team at Phillipsons works with small and medium enterprises through a broad range of financial and business services. Phillipsons knows that the performance of your business can determine your quality of life - and your families' - and that knowledge drives everything they do.

Phillipsons sees that a key factor of success or failure for its clients in business stems from successfully managing their people. Employment matters are some of the most common conversations that Phillipsons has with its clients and it is for this reason that Phillipsons has chosen to partner with Workforce Guardian.

General Manager Kurt Best says:

'More and more employers are turning to their accountant for advice on how to comply with Australia's increasingly complex employment relations laws. Many employers are frustrated at being unable to quickly and easily understand their obligations and hire, manage and dismiss their employees without being exposed to expensive claims or even prosecution by the authorities.

Thankfully, Workforce Guardian offers the solution!'                                          





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