Liston Landers

Company: Liston Landers
Locations: 3 offices - Malvern, Donald and Hopetoun, Victoria
Industry: Chartered Accountants


Liston Landers is growing successfully with our clients while Workforce Guardian handles ER red tape.

Peter Landers, Partner, Liston Landers

Thriving Melbourne-based chartered accountancy practice, Liston Landers excels at providing professional accounting and financial services to medium sized businesses.  Established in 1976, and with one office in Melbourne and two rural offices in north-west country Victoria, the practice has been successfully assisting clients to create and protect their wealth from one generation to the next for over 30 years.

With expertise in accounting, tax compliance, financial advisory, franchisee consulting and superannuation, the growth of the practice reflects the successful growth of its clients.

Growing successfully with our clients

While the Liston Landers practice specialises in providing innovative and solution oriented financial and accounting services to grow their clients' businesses, this pioneering practice was becoming swamped in ER compliance red tape.

Ready access to ER experts

"With the changes to the employment relations landscape, we realised we needed help keeping our practice compliant with the Fair Work Act.  We didn't have the expertise in house and the compliance challenges were too complex to expect our support staff to handle.  So we became a Workforce Guardian partner.  This gives us ready access to ER experts, and best practice HR documentation and processes that we use to both employ and manage our staff.

"Workforce Guardian has helped our practice become more efficient in handling ER compliance related issues.  It certainly helps us cut through compliance red tape, enabling us to concentrate on what we do best.

Peace of mind

"In leveraging the Workforce Guardian compliance checklist in our day-to-day human resources management, we realised that we could also help our clients with similar challenges.  Now instead of trying to handle it ourselves, we simply refer them to Workforce Guardian's ER experts.  And now they spend less time worrying about ER compliance and more time thinking about growing their businesses.

Practical marketing collateral

"We have also been using Workforce Guardian's articles in our quarterly newsletters.  The articles are well written, in plain English and cut through the jargon and complexities of employment relations legislation.  This easy to understand style really resonates with our clients.

"We're also planning to host an event for our clients with Workforce Guardian coming in to explain all the rules and regulations of the Fair Work Act."

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