Jaquillard Minns


Name of Company: Jaquillard Minns
Location: Australia
Industry: Professional Services


About the Firm

Jaquillard Minns was founded in 1987 and has established a niche in the South Australian market as an innovative management consulting and chartered accounting practice with a strong client focus.

Jaquillard Minns provides services to clients by way of value adding to progressive companies, and by providing analysis and recommended improvements or solutions in relation to particular problems or issues.

Jaquillard Minns are a market leader in South Australia in its use of technology and systems, so that it can offer a highly efficient service to its clients.


Jaquillard Minns are not Financial Planners, nor do they provide investment advice. Jaquillard Minns are absolutely independent and can provide broad and unbiased advice in relation to a client's financial situation.


"Our business approach is to add value to our client. We have a value for money emphasis. We provide innovative and effective advice and implementation. We have exemplary standards of service and professional ethics. We have expertise in the areas in which we practice."

Our Aim

"Through our association with Workforce Guardian, Jaquillard Minns is unique in the South Australian marketplace in being able to offer a HR management solution. Providing a HR managed service for a low cost monthly fee removing a large amount of paperwork, filing and updating associated with maintaining correct Legally Compliant HR records".

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