Countplus MBT


Company: Countplus MBT Pty Ltd
Location: St. Leonards, New South Wales
Industry: Professional Services


We count on Workforce Guardian for ER compliance expertise at our busy accounting practice.

Ashleigh Swayn, CEO, Countplus MBT

Fast growing accounting and financial planning business, Countplus MBT, is an innovative and pro-active professional services firm.  With a client mix including subsidiaries of multi-national corporations, SMEs, business owners and high net wealth individuals, Countplus MBT is highly successful at providing the right financial expertise to meet their clients' financial and commercial goals.

With their focus on their clients' businesses and building the practice, Countplus MBT streamlined its processes and services to maximise the potential of all of its employees to deliver business value while gaining professional growth.

Finance specialists not ER experts

With this business mindset, designating time and resources to stay abreast of Australian workplace laws just didn't add up. While Countplus MBT was only too well aware of the considerable penalties and fines imposed by the Fair Work Ombudsman for overlooking obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 - having their accounting and finance professionals handle complex employment relations compliance just didn't make sense.

"ER is not our area of expertise.  Not knowing what we don't know, coupled with the complexity of the ER legislation itself makes it all too possible to inadvertently do the wrong thing and suffer the consequences."

So Countplus MBT looked for a cost effective solution that would help the practice meet their employment relations obligations without impinging on their time and resources.

"The Fair Work Act is complicated legislation and the rules and regulations need to be addressed by ER professionals - not accountants and finance specialists.  It's too big a risk and one that we weren't prepared to take.

"So we evaluated a number of possible solutions for our practice and the Workforce Guardian just added up.

Saving time and money

"Using the Workforce Guardian solution gives us peace of mind to know that we are compliant in every respect.  But more than that, it means we can confidently maintain our focus on the bigger picture.

"Using Workforce Guardian has also saved us time and money.  When we restructured our business in 2009, we used the service to produce more than 30 employment contracts in a matter of hours.

"We've also adopted Workforce Guardian's best practices around all our employment processes and take advantage of the extensive library of ready-to-use HR policy documents.  We now know that we're doing the right thing in our business in relation to everything from parental leave, to the Internet & social media at work."

Spreading the word

As a professional services firm, Countplus MBT also saw the value in referring Workforce Guardian to their clients.

"As much as we realised that we needed specialist ER help for our practice, at the same time, more and more of our clients were seeking our help in understanding the implications for their businesses. But again, this just didn't add up.  We're not specialists in ER compliance - we're experts in accounting and finance.

"But it was important for us to know that our clients had access to the best and most cost effective ER compliance tool on the market.  Because the penalties imposed for failing to comply with the Fair Work Act could send a lot of small businesses to the wall.

"So we hosted an event for our clients to introduce them to the Workforce Guardian service which included a presentation from one of their ER experts explaining the rules and regulations of the Fair Work Act in plain English. Quite a number of our clients signed up there and then and several have gone on to seek specialist help on specific ER issues. We also use Workforce Guardian's articles in our own online newsletters to help keep our clients informed on the latest developments in Fair Work compliance.

"All in all, Workforce Guardian gives our practice peace of mind in Fair Work compliance and gives us the ability to offer this same protection to our clients."

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