Name of Business: Advantage Accountants & Business Consultants Pty Ltd
Suburb/State : Port Macquarie NSW
Industry: Accounting  and Business advisory firm
No. of staff: 11



Workforce Guardian delivers the specialist ER advice in our total financial and business service.

Noel Atkins, Partner, Advantage Accounting & Business Consultants

Established in 1993, Port Macquarie-based accountancy practice and business advisory firm, Advantage Accountants & Business Consultants specialises in providing taxation and business advice to small business across New South Wales & Southern Queensland.

Advantage Accountants uses its expertise to provide a total financial service, helping individual and business clients to create and protect their wealth, grow their businesses and secure their financial futures.

Total financial and business service

As a provider of the a financial and business service, Advantage Accountants recognises the need to network with specialists in various fields to maximise the support for our business clients.  With the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009, when hiring and managing employees became a lot more complicated, this innovative practice realised it needed to provide its clients with the very best advice.

"As employment relations isn't our area of expertise, we looked to partner with an organisation that could be provide this specialisation at an affordable price for our clients.  And so we joined forces with Workforce Guardian and refer our clients to their services."

Cutting through the red tape of employment relations compliance

"Already, Workforce Guardian has been invaluable in helping our clients cut through the red tape of Australian employment law.  They've subscribed to Workforce Guardian for peace of mind with updated employment contracts and HR processes and policies in line with the new legislation."

Invaluable service to our local business community

"We have also hosted a highly successful seminar in Port Macquarie to help our clients understand their rights and responsibilities under the new workplace legislation. The team from Workforce Guardian delivered a very informative and easy-to-understand presentation on the new rules, giving our clients practical advice that they could take home and apply to their businesses."

"In our local business community, being able to provide access to ER experts of this calibre is invaluable to both our clients and our business as it reflects the total business service that we provide.  Our partnership with Workforce Guardian gives our clients a support network for meeting compliance obligations and provides a source of ongoing advisory support."

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