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ADP's partnership with Workforce Guardian provides ADP clients with local employment relations expertise via the Workplace Advice Line. Delivered as a value-added service to all ADP clients, the Workplace Advice Line provides immediate assistance with employment issues and the day-to-day challenges of running a business under Australian employment law.

The team of employment relations experts from Workforce Guardian will take calls and respond to enquiries across the whole spectrum of employment relations challenges, including help with:

- The Fair Work Commission, and its companion organisation, the Fair Work Ombudsman
- Understanding modern awards - interpretation and coverage
- The 10 National Employment Standards (NES)
- New leave entitlements such as Paid Parental Leave and your responsibilities for administering the scheme
- Step-by-step advice on the processes for hiring, managing and dismissing employees
- The rules relating to the negotiation of Enterprise Agreements
Implementing robust workplace policies

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