Added Value Corporation

Added Value Corporation Pty Ltd provides a special type of advice for small to medium accounting practices.  This advice helps practice owners and partners with accounting practice ownership, development, planning and management.

Through company founder, Thea Foster, the company facilitates group meetings of Sole Practitioners or Managing Partners of firms.  Meeting three to four times a year, they share experiences with a focus on developing practical solutions to resolve issues within firms.

Employment relations compliance is a big concern

"Having set up, grown, merged and sold out my own accounting firm, I'm sensitive to the issues and challenges that accountants face.   And the area of employment relations compliance is a big concern. It affects all accountancy practices - both in their own business and that of their clients.

"So I've actively promoted Workforce Guardian to the accountants that I see.  I've used Workforce Guardian speakers at various group meetings to inform and educate my clients, so that they in turn can be more knowledgeable in this challenging area.  Their speakers always deliver informative and entertaining talks with my clients able to walk away with practical information that they can use in their own firms.

Clients see the value in becoming subscribers to Workforce Guardian

"Of course, many of my clients have seen the value in becoming subscribers to the Workforce Guardian service.  They appreciate the useful tools and information in their firms.  The service helps them prepare compliant employment contracts and implement best practice policies and procedures to prevent disputes.  And in accountancy practices, like so many other businesses, where every penny counts, they also consider it to be a most economical service.

"One regional accounting firm that I counsel held a Fair Work compliance seminar for their own clients which became a great promotional event for the firm.  Their clients appreciated the practical up to date information provided and a number also went on to become subscribers to Workforce Guardian.

"I also recommend that accountants use Workforce Guardian's articles.  They're always well written and highly informative and help alert your clients to their important compliance obligations."

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