HR Forms & Templates

Workforce Guardian's online HR system and support service  includes a wide range of letters, templates and forms to help employers manage day to day HR tasks and ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws.

FORMS TEMPLATES powered by Workforce Guardian

HR Forms include:

  • Accountabilities KPIs And Goals Form
  • Application For Employment Form
  • Application to extend parental leave beyond 12 months
  • Application to vary parental leave within 12 months
  • Certificate Of Service Form
  • Code Of Conduct Template
  • Exit Interview Form
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Extension of parental leave approval letter template
  • Extension of parental leave refusal letter template
  • Fair Work Information Statement Form
  • Form F16 Application For EA Approval
  • Form F17 Employer Declaration For EA Approval
  • Form F23 EA Variation Application Form
  • Form F24 EA Termination Application Form
  • Individual Flexibility Arrangement EA
  • Individual Flexibility Arrangement MA
  • Job and Person Specification Template
  • Job Interview Form
  • Leave application Form
  • Leave record Template
  • Leave Register Template
  • New Employee Details Form
  • Non NSW Subcontractor Statement Form
  • NSW Subcontractor Statement Form
  • Parental Leave Application Form
  • Pay Slip Template
  • Performance Counselling Discussion Planner Form
  • Performance Review Template
  • Positive Reinforcement Feedback Planner Template
  • Reference Check Form
  • Roster template
  • Salary Sacrifice Form
  • Statutory Declaration Of Medical Condition Form
  • Timesheet template
  • Weekly Time and Wages Record Template
  • Work Availability Form

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