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Workforce Guardian is one of Australia's most secure cloud HR systems.


Workforce Guardian is hosted in one of Australia's most secure data centres. This purpose-built data centre provides an ultra-high security environment. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it has the highest levels of redundancy in the Asia Pacific region, with automatic fail-over capability and dual-homed, tri-piped geographically dispersed redundant internet connections. This means our service is always available. In fact our hosting provider guarantees "100% uptime" > More about Our Technology


Workforce Guardian take protecting your data very seriously. Access is protected by a 256-bit encrypted secure connection using an SSL Certificate to ensure an ultra-high security environment. Even with a brute-force attack, cracking a 256-bit encryption is computationally unfeasible. 2048-bit CSR encryption also strengthens security by increasing the complexity of the encryption key used. The SSL Certificate Warranty Program provided by our SSL Certificate provider includes over $1 million of financial protection for our subscribers if they were to suffer financial loss as a direct result of relying on a certificate that was issued through our provider's negligence. DNSSEC safeguards our DNS, keeping our websites secure and our subscriber's data safe. The SSL installation tool verifies that the SSL certificate has been installed correctly and a Malware Scanner monitors our site to ensure that all links on our platform are secure.


Workforce Guardian take your privacy very seriously. Even our administrators do not have access to data in your account unless you (or your authorised representatives) authorise permission to access your account. All user activity is logged to enable verification and regular security audits. Avnet Technology Solutions also ensures that all staff with access to servers and the Data Centre are screened prior to employment and subject to ASIO/Police clearance. Security audits are conducted externally every Q2 and Q4 by BSI - our ISO27001 auditors. Security audits are conducted internally every Q1 and Q3 by Avnet Technology Solutions - the world's leading global IT solutions distributor.


Data that is entered into single fields is easy to download in bulk. Using the Reports section.  You can quickly and easily export employee data. In formats such as  XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF and Word.

The 'Employee Listing' report exports data fields such as: Salutation, First Name, Surname, Gender, Date Of Birth, Assigned To, Tax File Number, Email Address, Phone, Mobile, Physical Address1, Physical Address2, Physical Address3, Physical Suburb, Physical State, Physical Postcode, Postal Address1, Postal Address2, Postal Address3, Postal Suburb, Postal State, Postal Postcode, Job Title, Date Start, Date Probation End, Date Contract End, Date Next Performance Review, Performance Rating, Manager Name, Manager Job Title, Date Created, Date Modified, Annual Remuneration, Name Of Union, Contract Type, Employment Type, Status, ABN, Driver Licence Number, Driver Licence Expiry, Driver Licence State, Work Visa, Work Visa Expiry, Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Number, Emergency Contact Rel, Medical Conditions, Bank BSB, Bank Account Name, Bank Account Number, Super Fund Name, Super Fund Member Number, Super Fund Phone, Super Contribution Perc, External Employee ID, External Payroll ID, Award, Award Classification, Enterprise Agreement, Hourly Rate, Penalty Rate, Casual Loading, Employment Benefits, Share Options, Subsidiary/Office Location/Plant, Team, Benchmark Job Function, Benchmark Job Title, Notice Date, Last Employment Day, Termination Method, Termination Reason, Terminating Employee and Terminating Employee Role.

Records that are uploaded into our system one by one can only be downloaded the same way. Workforce Guardian supports a large range of file formats including  DOC, TXT, PDF, HTM, DOCX, DOTX, PPTX, PPSX, POTX, XLSX, XLTX, FLV, XLS, DOT, XLT, PPT, F4V, OGV, WEBM, MSG, ZIP, XLSB, RAR, PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, SWF, XLS and CSS.


Workforce Guardian's cloud HR hosting environment has been audited and certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2005  > More about Our Technology

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